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Established as an IT company with a focus on software development, Infosoft has extended its list of services since its advent in 2005 to offer world class telecom Infrastructure Management applications, offshore software development services, custom software development and eCommerce applications development. We work with mid to large tier companies locally and internationally and use a broad range of technologies to align IT with our clients' unique business goals and objectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as Sri Lanka's leading IT Solutions Company, the one that everyone wants to work for, buy from, or be part of.

Our Values

Infosoft strive to deliver maximum business value to its customers by designing, developing, implementing and maintaining efficient and high quality software solutions aligned with their most essential business needs. Our values include client and employee satisfaction, social and business responsibility, on-going efforts to foster the development of healthy natural and business environments, as well as the use of industry’s best practices to unleash the potential of our employees, remove communication barriers, create trust and increase operational efficiency.

Our Services


Infosoft TIMS

-Telecom Infrastructure Management System

Infosoft TIMS is a proven enterprise level end to end application for mobile operators, telecommunication companies and infrastructure sharing (tower) companies to manage their telecom infrastructure. Infosoft TIMS can be customized to completely match your operation and the workflow.

Infosoft TIMS is used by Dialog Axiata, the largest mobile operator in Sri Lanka to manage their site inventory, access control, lease management, audits, fuel information, complete site share information and the customer billing system. The performance and project profitability is directly linked to the performance and operations of each and every site. A quality application to manage information on sites is essential to efficient management and for making key decisions. Infosoft TIMS has been designed by experienced telecom and network engineers to allow you to manage your telecom infrastructure and its performance.

Infosoft TIMS | TIMS Video

Infosoft SWIM

- Infosoft Staff Welfare Information Management

Infosoft SWIM will help companies and government entities manage their staff welfare funds efficiently and transparently with minimum effort. It will help you manage staff grants, loans, short and long term saving facilities, funds yielding dividends and other valuable welfare fund services and reporting.

Clients using Infosoft SWIM includes:

Sri Lanka Navy – Naviru Saviya Insurance Fund

Sri Lanka Navy – Benevolent Fund

Sri Lanka Navy – Officers Benevolent Fund

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Infosoft LMS

- Infosoft Learning Management System

Infosoft LMS is a multifunctional Learning Management System that can be used for delivering, managing, tracking, reporting and selling of online courses and training programs. Infosoft LMS can be used from small businesses to enterprise organizations.

Unlike other off-the-shelf Learning Management Systems, Infosoft LMS can be customized and enhanced with additional settings and features to differentiate your company’s online training courses from competitors and meet your unique needs and goals. Get access to unlimited tracking data, various teaching approaches (blended, flipped, student-centered learning etc.) and a world-class learning experience!

You are not constrained by out-of-box Learning Management System functionality and can make Infosoft LMS meet your training/eLearning needs

i Intranet


i-Intranet is an advanced company Intranet site developed for sharepoint . The Intranet site has functionalities such as Collaboration, Business Forms, Content Management, and enterprise search. It has internal reporting facility, document sharing and built in workflows. Workflows for Staff Expenses, Internal Reporting and various applications.

Documents workflows for Document Approval, Document Archival and Document Compliance. Shared documents such as Leases, Agreements,Insurance Details and major contracts are centrally managed.


Industry Focuses






Gas and Petroleum



IT Consultancy

Key Technologies

Microsoft ASP.Net C#, PHP

WPF, WCF, Windows Apps

Oracle, SQLServer, NoSQL (OrientDB), MySQL

Web API 2, Web Services, XML, SignalR

AngularJS, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON

HTML5, CSS3, Razor, bootstrap, Semantic UI

Elasticsearch, DevEx, SAP integration

ADO.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ

Android app development

Pronto customization

Automated UI testing, Load testing, NUnit/MS testing

Recent Projects

Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Management Apps

Welfare Fund Management Applications


CRM Applications

Sage 50

eCommerce Sites and Websites

Document Management Systems

APIs Development

Learning Management Systems Implementation

Business Intelligence

Our Clients

Infosoft applications and IT services are used by some of the largest telecommunication companies in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Cambodia. Australian clients used our Pronto ERP development services include Hitachi and CHEAP. Dialog Axiata, the largest mobile operator in Sri Lanka uses Infosoft Telecom Infrastructure Management System as their one and only product to manage their Infrastructure sharing process which includes inventory,infrastructure sharing, audits, access control and billing. We assisted Sri Lanka Navy to automate their Welfare and Insurence Fund Management process.

Our Sri Lankan clients include Brandix, Hayleys, Sri Lankan Air Lines, Asia Capital, Sri Lanka Cricket, NEXT and the Sports Ministry.




Some businesses come to Infosoft with a clear project idea. Some customers rely on us to help them scope a business improvement or product development project. Whatever the case, the Define phase is where we put all the ideas on the table and agree on a “minimum viable product”. This is a project scope that achieves the greatest possible result for your money.
The deliverables of this stage are documented concepts and requirements for work we consider “in scope” and ideas to consider later, budget permitting. Finally, we provide you with a quotation for the work scoped.


Once we have the go ahead to proceed, the elaborate phase is where we design the software. This includes mock-ups of all screens, identifying workflows and processes in more detail, planning project resources and timeliness and identifying any risks. We’re very serious on risk management, so if any of your requirements include technical or user acceptance risks, we’ll take the opportunity at this point to build a “proof of concept” before we progress to the Build phase.
The deliverables of this phase are detailed screen designs and workflows for you to sign off, any questions/risks conclusively addressed, a project team selected and a timeline established.


The Build phase is where the software engineers and QA staff create and test the software against the agreed designs. From this point you’ll see your software come together very quickly.
The deliverables of this phase are regular progress updates and published online “beta versions” of your software for you to test out and provide feedback. We can organize a Customer Portal where we can collaborate online or we can run regular demonstration sessions face-to-face depending on your availability and preferences.


The Accept phase is where we do final testing and then hand the software over to you for “user acceptance testing” (or “UAT”). We guide you through the whole process but it really isn’t tricky. This is just where you verify that the software has delivered on the agreed requirements, functionality, look and feel and business outcomes. If anything doesn’t meet our strict quality standards, we’ll address it with no additional costs to you.
The deliverables of this phase are software and handover documentation awaiting your acceptance.


Once you have accepted the software, then we have agreed that you can start using it in a live environment within your business. We’ll host the application either at your business (if you have the gear and want it on premise) or we can host it in the cloud.
The deliverables of this phase are deployed software and all the assistance you need to configure users, get everyone up to speed on using it and turn off/archive any legacy systems we are replacing.


Once the system is live, we provide all the support you could need to get the maximum possible benefit from your new software investment. We have a range of support packages to suit your needs. Many businesses opt for custom software because it is infinitely changeable to suit your changing business needs. We are always happy to make changes and enhancements to your software either as part of a premium support package or as small quoted enhancement projects as required.
The deliverables of this phase are great business outcomes and happy and well supported users!


How to start communicating with your company?

Just send us an email with any questions that might be interesting or not clear to you. Or, if everything is clear and you wish to work with us, please send us a short description of your needs (probably a concept or specification of your project); a time plan required, if any; or the number of people you want to work for you and their required skills. We will analyze your request and answer you ASAP and send you our proposal as well as resumes of our recommended employees if needed.

We are interested in establishing a partnership with Infosoft. Is it possible?

We have established relationships with several Australian companies reselling our services onshore. By employing just a few software engineers, small companies are able to obtain and to develop large projects by reselling our services. Charging normal or lower onshore price and outsourcing some jobs to us, you can achieve huge competitive advantage and benefit using price difference.

How does Infosoft communicate with offshore clients during the course of the project?

Communication When a company needs to outsource some of its tasks to another company, probably the most important and critical factor of success for this process is how well communication between these two companies is organized. Most books about organizing outsourcing processes place emphasis on the quality of communication as the key to success. To avoid a bundle of problems we do our utmost to keep tight communication with our customers during the entire development period. Achieving a decent level of communication in the Internet age is incredibly easy and the variety of communication methods is impressive:

• E-mail and post (serves for more or less formal messages, application presentations or document exchange);
• Instant Messengers (Skype);
• Project Management Systems (JIRA, dotProject, etc.);
• Versioning Systems (Subversion, git, Mercurial, even CVS - whatever you like);
• Bug Tracking Systems (Bugzilla, etc.);
• Reporting Systems (for keeping track on what's going on and for billing purposes);
• Regular phone/Skype calls and visits.
On certain occasions the customer and our engineers meet one another several times during the project life cycle.

Surely every custom development company is going to claim their process is superior. What makes Infosoft any different?

It’s our past track record. Infosoft has been developing software for leading companies for over 12 years. We have designed and developed quality software for some of the largest telcos and many reputed companies in Australia and South Asia since 2005. Sri Lanka Navy chose Infosoft to design software to manage all their insurance and welfare funds. We will be happy to share with you contact details of our clients to reaffirm our capabilities, commitment and aftersales support.

What kind of agreements would you sign with your clients?

We will sign a non-disclosure agreement(NDA) and a software development agreement with you. Infosoft will discuss with clients and amend the NDA and software development agreement to fulfill the requirements of both parties.

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